A Better Planet for a Better Life

A better planet for a better life

Communicating and visualising sense. Our shared motivation:

The necessary research and efforts focused on the sustainability of the planet and the collective consciousness.

AlterVisio's strongly encourages the use of digital media as meansof communication to avoid physical waste. When necessary AlterVisio will actively promote the use of environmentally friendly printed media: through both recycled papers and vegetable-based inks.

AlterVisio wants to trigger the encounter of ideas and the fair share of knowledge concerning sustainable and profitable solutions for all. We are engaged to propose to both organisations and projects a real alternative in order to empower everyone to become an active actor in the survival of the Planet, and in the birth of a collective consciousness.

AlterVisio intends to raise the profile of sustainable businesses and organisations. AlterVisio seeks to provide organisations with a truly green alternative.
One vital role is to present our clients as committed actors in the preservation
of Planet Earth.

AlterVisio's work is based on principles of sustainability because we believe
short-term gain should not be put over long-term damage. This ensures that our partners satisfy their ethical and environmental considerations.

AlterVisio's proposal is:

To create a visual communication for projects and organisations engaged with those areas such as biological agriculture, natural foods, environmentally friendly technologies, social economy, cultural and non-commercial sectors, fair trade, development aid, human rights promoters, health and  education sectors, and so forth.

To reduce and recycle resources. We favour the use of recycled paper, vegetable based inks and biodegradable materials.

To make partnership with local providers who offer products and services based on economical, social and environmental sustainability.



Ethical Sustainable Communication

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