EcoVisio, recycled paper and vegetable inks

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Why environmentally friendly recycled paper?

Simply because it is ecologically vital to recycle paper for two basic reasons:

1. Save natural resources.
Less paper, more trees, more trees, more planet EARTH.


2. To avoid waste accumulation and to evaluate
the paper-waste.

The Vegetable-based inks. The Vegetable oils.

The vegetable-based ink is a real alternative to the traditional offset inks (especially in regards to the toxic levels of standard inks containing high levels of mineral oils), in particular the food packaging realm. And it it is right here, where the products of natural origin contained in the packaging present big odor problems. On the other hand this is not the case with the vegetable-based inks in regards to the taste and smell characteristics present in the packaged food.

Vegetable-based inks' composition.

The composition of Vegetable-based ink is basically the same that the one present in the traditional ink, except when the mineral oils are partially replaced by vegetable oils. Oils  are normally classified by their siccative properties, that is their capacity to dry by the presence of oxygen. This fact is much more significant than the saturation's levels present in the oil. Their saturations contents is measured by the iodine's index.

The printing industry has an impact on the environment. In most of Europe many of the printing houses generate dangerous waste: film developers, plates and films'  fixers, used solvents and cleaning tissues.


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