A Better Planet
for a Better Life

Ethical Sustainable Communication

Communicating and visualising beyond the free market.

Through efficient research, advertising transmits clichés, received ideas.
At the same time advertising utilises pulses intended to block reflection, analysis. Novelty, audacity, provocation and adrenaline charges facilitate memorisation. Both the critical deformation of the mind and the subconscious manipulation actively participate in the economical system, building up in a social scale the goods' consumption, useless most of the times, dangerous sometimes.

"In the factory we produce cosmetics, at the store we sell illusions, fantasies" - director of Avon during the 60's.

AlterVisio pursues a socially oriented communication. We are engaged  in the transition from a free market towards an open source market.

The new production tool consists in re-assembling creativity and know-how sharing in order to develop new knowledge. This new tool is much more important than capital and technology together. Power to the people.

AlterVisio is committed to communicate new universal values: those reflecting a deep and current change, immaterial values that redefine progress in terms of quality of life:

Join the construction of a Better Planet for a Better Life

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