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Identity Design

The business arena lives a new culture, the culture of Complexity, where we face a dominant principle of organisations that have shifted from management to leadership, in order to handle such complexity issues. In this world of changes with very unpredictable and expanding markets, designing an effective Corporate or Brand Identitity programme has turned into a very hard task to achieve that just  some are capable of effectively provide. First of all the corporation must have a competitive edge, be fluent in a set of core competencies, and keep in mind that the corporate personality can be developed only through time.

At AlterVisio we are sure that the Corporate Identity programmes of the future must be more open and flexible to changes in every field or form of communication.

They must be adaptive to new media without putting aside conventional ways of communicating the totality of what the organisation is and does. Where the organisation's name and mark can appear through a set of evolving elements,
all part of a whole. Under a new scheme, each element of the corporate or brand identity family should be interactive and digital, having specific meanings and functions, and able to supply new tailored services to more demanding and concious markets, simply as an added-value corporate/brand ambassador.

Knowing all of this, when designing a new identity or revamping the existing one, at AlterVisio we depart from a versatile array of simple and flexible building block principles. In order to build and sustain a successful set of desired perceptions (your image) together with you we analyze and improve your company's or brand's intentions (your identity).

Our paramount point of departure is the discovery or clarification of your company's or brand's core values and competencies.

In a serious teamwork approach we seek for communication's problem solving through creative and strategic thinking.  In order to think better, faster and more efficiently, from the very beginning you are the key part of our team.

AlterVisio's identity design is a one of the kind approach: iVisio©
Interactive Virtual Identity
, a new identity scheme that goes beyond the traditional and static identity design model.

The way designers and companies communicate has evolved from a static media realm to a very dynamic and unpredictable one,
the digital realm. We have the questions, and together with our clients we find the answers.


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