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Names refer to the connections that ideas, things and actions have to the audience. Names refer to what the audience remembers them by, and what they associate with them.

What lies behind a name, what does it mean, what is in it?
What makes a name distinctive and memorable?
Is it easy to pronounce?
Does it stick to the company’s or brand’s core values?

Good and distinctive design starts by a good and distinctive name.
As strategic designers we are convinced that choosing or developing a good name for a company, product or service is a design assignment in itself, and we know how and where to look for a great and unique name.

A good name is the gateway to being identified, recognized, understood, remembered and best of all preferred.

AlterVisio teams up with companies to search for the right name: one that defines the totality of what the company or brand stand for, one that is unique and appealing, one that bridges the company or brand with the target audience.

In order to help your organisation to discover or define its core values, at AlterVisio we have in place an effective, simple and ludic model at your reach...


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