Interactive Virtual Identity© model

Under a new business model and expanding technologies, new media appear rapidly. As ten years ago at present organisations have to adapt to these new dynamics of change in order to survive. However, the way they communicate the totality of what they are is not coping with these transformations. Unfortunately corporate identities at present still remain extremely rigid and inflexible, and little capable of effectively adapting to these new conditions.

Part of AlterVisio's creative strategy and mission is to provide organisations with the necessary understanding and strategic visual tools in order to ad value to the way they communicate with their audience who they are and what they stand for, that is their identity.

Since the end of the 90's we have developed a new corporate identity model, iVisio©. It is based on the principles of a more flexible, adaptive and yet consistent corporate or brand identity approach, we have termed it:

iVisio© Interactive Virtual Identity model.

Our iVisio© model is intended to work perfectly in both realms, the physical and the digital. It is mostly suitable for highly flexible organisations, expanding or diversifying in diverse areas. Any organisation that uses the internet and interactive media as strong channels of communication with their audience can benefit from iVisio.

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