Ethical Design
for a Sustainable Life

AlterVisio's Vision

AlterVisio's work primary purpose is to encourage education and development, philanthropy towards humankind. And most of all the care of Planet Earth,
the flora and fauna she supports.

AlterVisio seeks to achieve main goals through heart felt dedication, hard work and an innovative business/spirit-driven model by opening the doors to sharing knowledge on a win to win basis.

We are committed to the support of ethical and creative ventures, and we regularly take time out to collaborate on such projects.

AlterVisio's convictions are focused on the fact that diversity, originality and choice are important in increasingly mega-corporation controlled markets, so we provide preferential treatment to certain smaller start up ventures that offer direct competition to the corporate Giants, doing as much as possible to give them a competitive chance by introducing innovative ideas and approaches that we hope will help them on the road to success.

Why do we go to such lengths when we could profit more financially
from a regular business model, especially taking advantage of the
Climate Change distorted reality?
It is all about universal values and attraction law, we Do Care for the Planet and her future, we Do Care for her inhabitants. We Do Not care for the corporate mass consumption model, which to a good extent has a stake in the killing of our Planet.

We understand our creative task as a humble catalyser of change, where only action makes possible the dream.

We are convinced that as a tiny grain of sand in the wide open sea we have a stake to go for, we firmly believe that all of our creative efforts striving first to invite and then convince will pay off sooner or later.

Our children deserve a better planet with a healthier life, and we know that with the awakening of consciousness, shared values and a vision in place we will make the dream a crispy and solid reality:

A Better Planet with a Better Life and a Brighter Future!

Will we succeed?
With your participation you can be sure the answer is:

YES, we will!

Will you join us on this path to the Victory? We hope so.

Together we will make it, we are the stewards of a new Planet Earth!

One that is free of nonsense mass consumption, win to loose models, one that understand that the human knowledge is an asset and in combination with free sharing will be the economy of tomorrow.

AlterVisio has never designed, does not design and will never design for these organisations: Petrochemical producers, Alcoholic Beverages, Oil companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Tabac companies, Typical Financial corporations and Banks, Fast (junk) food companies, Airlines, Cosmetic producers and any company testing products on animals.


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